How can I book an escort for a travel / business trip?  For longer escorts I need enough lead time. For escorts lasting longer than 3 days, I recommend to meet each other in advance. For escorts lasting longer than 7 days, a date in advance is necessary, for this purpose I suggest an overnight date. During travels I enjoy to relax, to have sex in unusual places, as well I enjoy culture or to go out for a meal. Please understand that when I escort you on your travel / business trip, I need between 30 minutes and 1 hour per day for myself, for my studies and private phone calls, this is included in my fee. ~Julia
Can I count on your discretion? For both sides discretion should and has to be taken for granted. I stick to this at 100 percent and that's what I am expecting from you, too. I reserve the right to cancel a date immediately in case of embarrassing incidents (e.g. to mention before other people that I am an escort).~Julia
What happens if we don't fit?   It is very unlikely that we won't fit, as in advance we speak on the phone. However, should this be the case, please tell this honestly at the beginning of the date. Travel costs must be repayed (in Lisbon only the costs for the taxi). I can reject a date, too, however this will hardly ever happen (see point 1), because before meeting we already will have straight contact.~Julia
Can I visit you ? No, I offer escort services as well as dates exclusively in hotels or home visits. In exceptional cases, dates in your office are possible, too..~Julia