How did it happen ?

24 May 2012

How did it happen that I am working as an international escort lady?

Well, I was seeking for fun and completion in my life, something that offers me new insights (to get to know new towns, countries) and where I will meet interesting gentlemen, and of course, I am honest, to sponsor my studies.
Furthermore I love sex and enjoy the excitement during the date.

 For me accompaniment means "escort and eroticism", one can't work without the other one. Why? Because I don't want to put on quite a theatrical show, but I want to offer real passion and to feel real passion. Eroticism has to be built up. For me it is very thrilling to get to know you during a nice dinner or a date at the bar and live out the built up eroticism later on. . I willingly visit you in a beautiful hotel . However, you cannot visit me.

I like passion,  with all senses.  

My taboos?

Sex without condom is an absolutely no go.

sensual moments and eroticism 2
If you have wishes / predilections ask me in your inquiry.

The following quotation suits me fine:

„Give every day the chance to be the most beautiful of your life."
Mark Twain

With love